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how powerful is the Supercar System?
watch the prototype rule the Nordschleife
tech specs

Design, configure and re-configure to change focus from street to track and back or upgrade over time


All options are engineered to bolt or plug in. Engineered for easy service access. Highway legal with no body selected


Body : Carbon fiber composite in silver, black or GRP metallic grey. In various body styles.
Chassis : Carbon tub / chromoley exo skeleton, 2” / 50.8mm diameter TIG welded, FIA certified.
Dry weight : 1,980lb-2200lb / 900-1000kg depending on configuration.
Overall Size: length 160” width 79” height 45.5” / metric: length 406.4cm width 115.5cm height 115.5cm.
Chassis weight : 277lbs / 126kg complete tabbed chromoley chassis


Front and rear FIA spec roll bars, 8 perimeter crumple zones, traction control, fire suppression.


Powered items : steering, braking, gear change, door locks, door glass, heat, AC. Heated windscreen


Air flow: Flat floor venturi with side pods chambers for low pressure spillage, tail taper to re-gather displaced air.
Front and rear wings with 3 position manual adjustment, air re-directors to brakes, radiator and engine.
Damping : Ohlins or SS brand coil overs independently adjustable for bump, rebound and preload.
Ride height : Street and track 2” / 50mm fast height and attitude adjustment, no jack or coil over removal required.
Wheels street : OZ/SS black: ultraleggera based aluminum 10×19 and 12×19. Michelin PSC 265/35ZR/19 345/30ZR/19.
Wheels track : OZ/SS white: challenge based aluminum 10×18 and 12×18. Tires: Michelin selection: slick and wets.
Brakes : Brembo carbon ceramic 15” lifetime rotors / 4 piston calipers or 14” steel rotors / 4 piston calipers.


Supercar system enables you to add power over time in 3 stages

Stage #1 Engine 525 hp

GM LS376 / 525 GM SKU# 19259233
Engine type: All aluminum LS-Series Gen IV Small-Block V-8
Displacement: 6.2L / 376 cu in
Compression: 10.7:1
Redline: 6600 RPM
BHP: 525 @ 6300 RPM
Valve Diameter: 55mm in 40.4mm ex / 2.165″ in 1.590″ ex
Fuel: 92 octane

Stage #2 Turbo Engine 730 hp

Use Stage #1 +
Exterior-only bolt on power adder and flash tune.
Turbocharger: Garrett 75mm GTX4202R / Stainless hotside
Valves: Tial

Stage #3 Turbo Engine 1000 hp

Use Stage #1 + Stage #2
Proprietary reciprocating internal S.M.E assembly [factory only install]
Air-Water intercooler


SS / Quaife Transverse rated @ 750hp
SS / Quaife Inline rated @1000hp

Material: Aluminum Housing
Gear: Sequential 6 speed. 20 millisecond gear change L.E.D cockpit readout. Paddle-shift compatible
Lubrication: Internal pump @ 4 litres per minute
Bellhousing: Carbon Fiber and Aluminum
Gear Ratios: Available in 5 rapid change ratios

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