F1 style
sequential transmission

6 Speed Sequential Transmission - Starting at $16,995.00

  • Multi-ratio quick change rear end
  • 6 speed sequential
  • 1000HP / 900TQ rating
  • 110 millisecond solenoid shift
  • Eaton TrueTrac Differential

Feature list:

  • Multi ratio quick change
  • Highway, track & off-road
  • 1000 HP / 900 TQ rating
  • 6 speed sequential
  • Integrated Paddle shift
  • 110 millisecond shifts
  • Synchro 1st gear
  • Quiet, wide, helical gears
  • Integrated oil pump
  • Ultra strong & compact
  • Bell-house scatter shield
  • Truetrac, Detroit locker or Electronic Locker
  • Optional auto-shift & traction control


  • 6 speed + reverse, sequential change
  • R N 1 2 3 4 5 6 shift pattern
  • 1st 3 / 2nd 2.118 / 3rd 1.571 / 4th 1.250 / 5th 1.038 / 6th 0.682
  • Quick change rear end ratios for highway, track and off road
  • 3.75:1 ring and pinion ratio, 60T, 10 in. diameter ring gear, 16T pinion gear
  • Ultra wide 25mm helical cut gears are stronger and quieter than straight cut gears
  • Military Grade case hardened, precision ground, & cryogenically treated gears for better wear, increased strength and reduced noise
  • Open faced female dog ring for rapid shift response with triangulated stress distribution
  • Synchronizers on 1st and reverse for smooth engagement
  • Tapered roller bearings for axial loading of helical gears


  • Standard Eaton Truetrac differential with available Eaton Detroit Locker & Electronic locker to meet all your needs


  • Front, mid, and rear engine applications
  • Mounts in any orientation for low or high ground clearance
  • Flat hanger plate mounting enables easy and ultra rigid mounting to your application


1000hp / 900tq


  • Bolt on bell-house fits GM LS V8 block and stock starter
  • Optional bell house racing scatter shield
  • Standard GM LS3 26 spline input shaft
  • Removable Input shaft is replaceable without gearbox dis-assembly to cater to multiple engine block and clutch combinations


  • We recommend SPEC brand lightweight small diameter fast-inertia clutches for a much faster throttle response, with aluminum pressure plate and flywheel for a light action pedal
  • 550 hp SPEC stage 1 P/N: SC661-SC57A-SCA66
  • 900 hp SPEC stage 3+ P/N: SC663F-SC57A-SCA66 1525 hp SPEC super twin, P/N: SC66ET
  • Tilton brand hydraulic thrust release bearing


  • Standard GM speed and oil temperature sensors
  • Paddle shift with High power dual action solenoid
  • developing: semi-auto controller with traction control


  • Integral oil pump with Eaton Aeroquip oil line fittings
  • Sight glasses for quick oil level check in both orientations


  • Transverse gear stack for ultra compact design, mass centralization and minimal rear overhang for better safety
  • Stub shafts designed for standard 108mm CV axles
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